I’very only just starting on my freeform journey. But this post sure makes me want to get stuck right in.


I’ve been tending to a sick 5 year old which is never fun, but it has allowed me to sit during the day and work on my freeform purse.  As you can see I’ve made some headway!

My two free form experiments (Modern Irish FreeForm Crochet and FreeForm Crochet) have changed the way I look at this craft.  It actually makes me feel like an artist while I’m working, and I have never thought of myself that way.  If you haven’t given freeform a try and you like the look of it, I highly recommend checking out the two Craftsy classes I took to get started in this style.  I am not affiliated with Craftsy in anyway, but the freeform classes by Myra Wood are fun and fantastic.  If you are interested in the craft, but don’t want to pay, there are plenty of tutorials out on the…

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