I found some amazing freeform work on pinterest and google and I just had to give it a try. Whilst there are no patterns (that’s basically the only rule of freeform) there are certain motifs that appear frequently – spirals in particular. There are some great tutorials and how-tos online and on U-tube, put I would personally recommend Snovej’s freeform tutorials. I also armed myself with Prudence Mapstone’s .PDF tutorial entitled ‘Spectaclar Spirals‘ (available on Ravelry). This isn’t free but if you’re feeling flush it’s worth downloading. All the pics in here are my early attempts done while following Prudence’s spiral tutorial.

Another key ingredient in Freeform work is that of Texture. So I paid a visit to my local yarn store and loaded up on lots of different textured yarns. And hey – Christmas is coming – so you just have to have tinsel – right?!?


I was so surprised to find a yarn made specially for ‘pots and pits’ that I just had to buy it!

Next step was to assemble a ‘palette’ of colours and textures for creating my  first ‘scrumbles’ and that crazy Pots ‘n Pits yarn had to be included. My plan was to use a blue/green underwater type palette and here’s my selection:

Initial selection.jpg

So off I went – I wanted to see how that colour-changing green would work out – so I started with …. can you guess? … a spiral!

I next added some surface embellishment and a ruffle using another colour-changer (I love colour-changing yarns in case you hadn’t guessed) and suddenly my original plans went out the window. I so loved the purple with the blue and green – that I just had to introduce a deep wine/purple to the mix. But then I thought the wine a bit dark and then just had to add some silver to bling-it-up. When it comes to freeform – it’s good to start with an overall plan but you should also be prepared to Expect the Unexpected!

And voila – my first true scrumble: