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Just finished

Yes, my current fascination is with FreeForm (I’ll be posting my early scrumbles soon) but I just finished these today and had to post – they’re just so cute.

Hurricane Ophelia was storming across Ireland today and everyone battened down the hatches and stayed indoors. My office was closed – so obviously I used my unexpected free-time productively … It’s a real novelty to be able to sit at home crocheting on a Monday afternoon. I was as snuggly indoors as the wool used for my latest project. Sirdar Snuggly Crofter (Baby Fair Isle effect DK).

Without knowing the sex of the babies these are intended for I wanted to keep the colour neutral. What could be more neutral than natural neutrals – mushroom, clouds, cream and mink?

I found the pattern via Pinterest. Check out Patterns For Crochet.

And the super-cute kitty-cat applique (which matches the kitty-cat buttons I added), is available fromĀ Trifles & Treasures.


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